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"Sip 'n' Snack Rover🌟: Your Pet's Portable Hydration and Feeding Buddy💦"

"Sip 'n' Snack Rover🌟: Your Pet's Portable Hydration and Feeding Buddy💦"

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  • 🐾 On-the-Go Hydration: Convenient water and food on your outdoor adventures.
  • 🍼 Dual-Purpose Design: Water bottle and feeder in one handy solution.
  • 🌳 Perfect for Travel: Lightweight and portable for hassle-free trips.
  • 💦 Easy to Use: Keep your pet hydrated with a simple squeeze.
  • 🚗 Ideal for Outdoor Activities: Great for walks, hikes, and road trips.
  • 🌳Pet-Friendly Feeding: Specially designed bowl for your furry friend.
  • 💦Weather-Resistant: Suitable for various outdoor conditions.
  • 🌳Durable and Leak-Proof: Built to withstand active pet adventures.
  • 🎨 Stylish and Functional: A sleek design that complements your pet gear.
  • 🐕 Suitable for All Dogs: Adjustable bowl for dogs of different sizes.

Description: Introducing our Portable Pet Dog Water Bottle and Feeder – the ultimate solution for pet owners on the move! This dual-purpose bottle ensures your furry friend stays hydrated and well-fed during outdoor adventures.

Designed for convenience, it combines a water bottle and a feeder in one compact and lightweight package, making it the perfect travel companion. With a simple squeeze, you can provide your pet with fresh water, and the specially designed bowl ensures comfortable feeding.

Ideal for walks, hikes, and road trips, this portable water and food bottle is weather-resistant and built to withstand the demands of active pets. It's not just functional; the sleek design adds a touch of style to your pet accessories. Suitable for all dogs with an adjustable bowl, this is a must-have for pet owners who prioritize their pets' well-being during outdoor escapades. 🐾🌟

Product Information:

Material: Plastic
Color: blue, pink, green, grey
Size: 25.5x7x7cm
Weight: 180g
Capacity: 458ml


Plastic material for human use, high-temperature resistance, no deformation when filled with hot water
Large opening design, easy to drink
Materials for human use to ensure the health and liveliness of pets
Each part can be washed and wiped separately

Packing list:

Water cup


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