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"PawBuddyur 🌟: Your Portable Pet Hydration Hub" 💦🐾

"PawBuddyur 🌟: Your Portable Pet Hydration Hub" 💦🐾

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  • 🚀 On-the-Go Hydration: Perfect for travel, hikes, and outdoor adventures.
  • 🌊 Splash-Proof Design: Minimize spills and keep your pet hydrated.
  • 💧 Water-Resistant: Durable material keeps water where it belongs.
  • 🌈 Vibrant Colors: Choose a bowl that matches your pet's personality.
  • 🐾 Perfect for All Pets: Suitable for dogs, cats, and other small animals.
  • 💦Easy to Clean: Hassle-free maintenance for busy pet owners.
  • 🌿 Non-Toxic Material: Ensures your pet's safety during hydration.
  • 🎁 Great Gift: Ideal for pet owners who love outdoor activities with their furry friends.


1.Extreme Large Capacity: With the dimension 8.8 x 7.2 x 2 inches, the bowl has a pretty large and practical capacity, about 35oz in total, which is enough for dogs to drink a whole day.
2.Double Anti-spill: The waterproof edge strip and floating disk dual design can effectively prevent water from overflowing, keeping your floor dry and tidy at all times.
3.Slow Water Feeder: The automatically adjustable floating disk design slows down the drinking speed of your pet. When your pet's tongue touches the floating disk, it sinks and the water undulates.
4.Prevent Wet Mouth: The floating disk can control water easily and then prevent large areas of water from wetting pet’s mouth hairs. Keep your pet's hair dry and tinted.
5.Keep Water Clean: The separable 2-pieces disk welded design helps prevent the dust, dirt, and pet hair from falling into the water to affect water quality. Provide clean water for your pets all day.


Project: a feeder for domestic drinking water device
Outsize overall: 22.5x18.5x7.8 cm
Suitable for: dogs or cats
Color: gray/white/blue/pink
Weight: 600g
Volume: 1L
Material: ABS & PP

Package Content:
1 x pet water bowl


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